So this blog isn’t working but hey – I’ll shove something in. I’ll probably just post things up randomly and refer back to interesting times as I remember them – just like those television shows…well anyway – I’ve finally caught up and it’s pretty boring but I thought – what the hell. I did it – post it!

28th of September, 2009 – First day of induction

–          Saw Joyce for the first time on the bus and again at the induction

–          Spent the day filling out forms (loads and loads of forms)

2nd of October, 2009 – End of first week

–          Had dinner with Joyce at some pub that said it served three meal courses for a certain amount of money every night of the week but didn’t have it that day – WHAT???

4th of October, 2009 – 2nd Sunday in the UK

–          Grocery shopping with Joyce to look for:

  • Pyjamas (because I didn’t bring any and had been sleeping in my jeans and wearing those jeans to the induction – Lauren sounded disgusted – she also sounded disgusted when I wrapped my sandwiches in toilet paper because I didn’t have any sandwich bags or paper)
  • Presents for Michelle, Paul and Nana

7th of October, 2009 – Visiting the North-East Review Team

–          Things happened

9th of October, 2009 – End of 2nd week

–          Dinner with Joyce at a restaurant with a variant on the word “restaurant” and the word “square” in the title

  • Had three course meal including steak…I ate it all…and made it home…

10th of October, 2009 – Room hunting

–          Checked out shoe-box room in a place with at least 4 ladies and a dog

–          Checked out double-room in a place with one lady and two cats

11th of October, 2009 – Dac’s farewell

–          Attempted to meet Dac at Wahaca in Covent Garden but made it to Porterhouse Pub with Joyce

–          Visited the Australian Store and bought Jelly Tots – not like I remember…

–          Bought two die and an album

13th of October, 2009 – Met two newly qualified social workers

–          Met two newly qualified social workers – one lives on an island

15th of October, 2009 – The Angel with other Inductees from previous groups

–          Drank house beer (Adnam’s Ale?)

–          Ate tuna steak with some tomato-y sauce – no more thanks!

16th of October, 2009 – Last night in Broomfield, Chelmsford

–          Another dinner with Joyce at Ristorante on the Square

17th of October, 2009 – Moving out/Moving in

–          Moved to Clacton-on-Sea

18th of October, 2009 – The Murphy Twin’s birthday

–          Called Michelle and talked to Paul, Amber and Lydia

19th of October, 2009 – 1st day of work

–          Nana called in the morning!

20th of October, 2009 – On-site induction

–          Completed e-tax

24th of October, 2009 – Chelmsford with Joyce

–          One week out and we’re back in Chelmsford (WHY???)

28th of October, 2009 – SDS Induction

–          Yummy, yummy delicious buffet lunch!

29th of October, 2009 – Dinner with North-East Review Team

–          Dinner at some Chinese restaurant

  • Ordered chicken and cashew – it came out red and spicy – is that right?

30th of October, 2009 – Dinner with Mary and her friends from her old team from Braintree

–          Ordered roasted mushroom as an entre and pizza which I couldn’t finish (could go for some pizza right now…)

31st of October, 2009 – Out and about in town

–          Got library card

1st of November, 2009 – Grocery shopping

–          Applied for youth-rail card (which is AWESOME! Cut a return ticket to London (leaving on Saturday, returning Sunday) from over 30 pounds to 19 pounds!)

6th of November, 2009 – Another training day

–          Spent day with rapid response – they were awesome!

7th of November, 2009 – London with Joyce

–          Intended to get Oxford Street out of the way…spent all day in less than 5 stores! Damn you Topshop!

14th of October, 2009 – House hunting 0.2

–          Looked at house on other-side of station – GORGEOUS!

15th of October, 2009 –Missed opportunity

–          Danni comes back to London at night!

16th of October, 2009 – Bye Danni!

–          Danni left for South Africa and I didn’t see her!

19th of October, 2009 – Training in Harlow

–          Two-and-a-half hour trip to Harlow!

–          Training was surprising interesting (though I didn’t entirely focus) and shocking!

–          Lauren showed me a Chinese restaurant that lets you take away things from a buffet for 4 pounds! Amber!

–          Bought a large Big Mac Meal for under 4 pounds – I swear the burger is smaller than one I was a kid – it’s tiny!

–          Slept over Lauren’s place in Bishop Stortford

20th of October, 2009 – End of training in Harlow

–          Given a lift to Loughton Station by Dorcas

21st of November, 2009 – Joyce came to Clacton-on-Sea!

–          Took Joyce to see new house – she loved it!

–          Took Joyce to the sea – I think she liked it

–          Took Joyce to the arcade – she REALLY likes those toy pick-y upp-y things (I swear they’re rigged! How can anyone pick it up with those flimsy arms!)

–          Had late lunch with Joyce at KFC – Joyce bought a snack pack for 99p which was literally a wicked wing and 5 pieces of popcorn chicken (and the wicked wing was tiny! I had a snack pack for 1.99 pounds which was better I think)

–          Introduced Joyce to Chinese take-away shop and bought dinner

–          Made cup-cakes with Joyce – Dolly (the cat) licked our icing so we threw it away (don’t look into my brain right now! Poor Joyce…)

–          Watched Modern Family – love it!

22nd of November, 2009 – Joyce leaves Clacton-on-Sea

–          Had bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast

–          Went to town with Joyce for some reason…

–          Joyce left!

24th of November, 2009 – Driver Training

–          The idiot that I am…drove like I would at home! Ran a yellow light, one-handed, unaware if the signs and speeds, doing fast turns (I also almost stopped on a roundabout because I was surprised by a broken traffic light, slammed on the breaks at crossings…)

–          Recommended for further training…

25th of November, 2009 – Here they come!

–          Michelle, Fiona and Lydia arrived in the UK!

28th of November, 2009 – London with the Murphies and Lydia

–          Had lunch around a station near Notting Hill (delicious!)

–          Shopped at Portobello Road (bought a dress and belt and tid-bits I didn’t need thanks to my weak-will and peer-pressure (that’s right, ladies!))

–          Had a lovely, lovely cup-cake from Hummingbird!

–          Had stew and potato made by the Murphies’ Uncle Pat for dinner – my goodness it was delicious! Can someone come over and make me a pot?

–          Slept over on an air-bed for the first time ever!

–          Fiona said “Claxon” at dinner

–          Fiona accuses me of not replying to her e-mail! She was right but I thought I did reply! Honest!

29th of November, 2009 – Left London via track-work

–          Finished my bowl of porridge for the first time ever!

–          Went to Kew Gardens and it was wet and cold – still cool though and probably a good place to bring the parents!

–          Left London at about 17:30 and got home at about 21:30 due to bloody track-work!

30th of November, 2009 – Nothing really interesting

–          Had a beef bake with Danielle at lunch who pointed out useful places in Clacton-on-Sea

2nd of December, 2009 – Another one bites the dust

–          Currently craving something savoury (GIVE ME FOOD! I’m out of bread…no breakfast tomorrow!)

Sorry if that was a bit boring – welcome to ask away!

I’m moving this Saturday (5th of December, 2009) so those of you who have my current address – get rid of it! Fr anyone who wants my address – just e-mail or sms me and I’ll get back to you.

I finished the whole series of Golden Girls while I was here – I think a couple of weeks ago…?

See you guys early next year hopefully!


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